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MindGarden was my Senior Capstone project at Iowa State University. I am very passionate about creating a positive mindset and making a difference in the world. I decided to center my project around the concept of using positivity as a power. I believe that a positive mindset can completely change your life for the better. You are what you thinkThe way you think matters. We all go through ups and downs in life. But it's all about how you choose to deal with those difficult times that matters. What you water, grows.


The biggest challenge for this project was narrowing down my ideas! I still have so many thoughts, ideas, and directions I would like to take this project and I had to work on constructing a plan of priorities to start MindGarden. I would love to continue developing this project to eventually include all my ideas for MindGarden to grow and flourish!


The goal of MindGarden is to help people develop a more positive outlook on life and spread positivity, starting with yourself! This topic is very close to home for me because it is something I am constantly working on myself to have a positive mindset and spread joy to others. 



I decided to follow my heart with this project. I based my style and approach to MindGarden on what made me feel happy to look at and experience. MindGarden has a an uplifting aesthetic, a variety of positive phrases, and cheerful illustrations, all aimed to bring joy to others. There is so much power in positivity and we need more of it in the world.

MG poster mockup.jpg
I watercolored this sign and then hand drew the flower and plant illustrations.

Quote Book

This is a book of some of my favorite uplifting quotes paired with my own cheerful illustrations to help bring the positive words to life! 


I paired some of my favorite photos that I've taken over the years with a positive quote and a healthy habit to create a calendar. This calendar is designed to inspire you to incorporate a new healthy habit in each month and work towards living a more healthy and well balanced lifestyle!

Greeting Cards

I have loved to make my own cheerful greeting cards to send to people since I was little. I decided to create this set using my own illustrations to emphasize the positive messages correlated with MindGarden.
grow happy thoughts.jpg
what you water grows.jpg
silly goose.jpg
grow happy thoughts.jpg

Happy Cards

Grow positive thoughts! Each of these cards expresses a fun and playful concept. They can be fun to exchange with others and spread positivity!
cutie patootie.jpg
protect your peace.jpg
what you water grows.jpg
trust the process.jpg
silly goose.jpg
you are ok.jpg


This is the collection of illustrated stickers for MindGarden


This is an animation that combines some of the playful illustrations from MindGarden and The Benevolent Butterfly.

Edwards Elementary Project

Mrs. Clausen's 3rd Grade Class, Edward's Elemenary School
I went to Edward's Elementary School and did a positive thinking/gratitude activity with the kids. We talked about the importance of positive thinking and what gratitude is. Each student then worked on drawing something they are grateful for.

Gratitude Board

I'm grateful for...

At my Senior Capstone show I set up a whiteboard that said "I'm grateful for..." and I let people add their own ideas to the board. It was very cool to see what different people said and it is fun to see everyone's gratitude collected visually into one space.


Coloring Pages

silly goose.jpg
protect your peace.jpg

Painted Flower Pots

I painted a collection of flower pots that matched the theme of MindGarden. They displayed some colorful flowers at my Senior Capstone show and represent the idea of growing positivity!

Connection to The Benevolent Butterfly

The Benevolent Butterfly is a sub-brand of MindGarden. MindGarden focuses on positivity within yourself, mindset, and gratitude. The Benevolent Butterfly focuses on spreading positivity and kindness to others and making a positive difference in the world. Making connections with other people is a big part of creating a positive mindset.
Click here to learn more about The Benevolent Butterfly
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Doodles & Process



sticker sketcehs.jpg


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