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I am concerned about the problem of Deforestation in the rainforest. In my disinformation campaign, I imagined the ways that some corporations and individuals are getting rich by keeping the problems as they are. For example, deforestation can benefit opportunities for agriculture, urbanization, mining, logging, and other economic opportunities. This campaign shows that Deforestation is not that bad because we need the space more than the trees or animals. Birds have wings, they can fly somewhere else.


I think the main challenge for me with this project finding a way to promote deforestation in a positive way when in reality, it goes against my morals and beliefs. It was challenging to create good design out of a concept that I disagree with, but I learned it can be done.


I have been concerned about Deforestation because I care a lot about nature and animals. This was an experiment to see if I could use my creative abilities to promote something I don’t believe in. I have learned how powerful visual communication can be. You can in fact create something beautiful out of a concept you disagree with.


I invented the name, “Treecepticle” to help clarify deforestation and the idea of cutting down trees and putting them in the trash. I wanted this to come across as upsetting to see live plants and a tropical bird in a trashcan, where we associate waste and garbage to be.


Treecepticle Animation

This animation follows the journey of a couple of birds who have lost their home in the rainforest because of deforestation. The birds are chipper and positive creatures that make it seem as though it is no big deal that they have lost their home and are forced to move. This is to mock the idea of deforestation and make it appear that it is not as bad as it may seem, even though it is actually quite awful and causes a lot of destruction to our world and the creatures and plants within it.

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