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Book Nook Reading Lounge


The concept of this project was to create a business and then to design a pop-up shop as well as applications to go along with the brand.


The biggest challenge I faced was finding a way to carry over the brand identity into the pop up shop space. I think the cozy atmosphere, color scheme, and vibe all connect well with the brand identity for the Book Nook Reading Lounge.


The goal of the Book Nook Reading Lounge is to provide an inviting, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere for readers of any age to enjoy getting into a good book.


The pop up shop depicts a well loved and worn home where many memories have been created within the little nooks, just as books are loved and worn as they are read over and over again. There are portable book houses within the Book Nook Reading Lounge for people to donate books to and share with each other.


Book Nook Book Bag

Pink book house_RGB.png
Green book house_RGB.png

Portable Book House

These portable book houses are a location to place donated books. They are placed throughout the Book Nook Reading Lounge so that people can choose from a collection of stories built by the community. This is a great way to allow readers to share a love for reading and connect with others.

Pop Up Shop

The Book Nook is all about the feeling of its environment. I wanted to create this space digitally to give an idea of how this space might come to life. This is an illustrative rendering of the Book Nook Reading Lounge pop up shop. It is a playful take on what the space would look and feel like. The spaces depicted include exaggeration to represent the playful and imaginative adventures we can go on in our reading journeys.

Exterior View


The exterior view has a playful appearance. The entrance is made up of a wonky old house. You can see to the inside where there are nooks and crannies as well as comfy lounging spaces to enjoy reading.

Interior View #1


This interior space shows the entrance that leads into the rest of the pop up shop.

Interior View #2


This interior space shows a variety of nooks and crannies that welcome visitors to get comfortable and open up a book.

Book Nook Reading Lounge Poster

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