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Sunrise Herbal Teas


The concept of this project was to create a business and then execute applications that represent the brand. I chose to create an herbal tea brand called Sunrise Herbal Teas.


The biggest challenge of this project was finding a way to execute the brochure so that it had enough information, but wasn’t too busy.


The goal of Sunrise Herbal Teas is to inform people about the benefits of herbal tea and encourage them to try out the brand’s teas. There is a lot to learn about herbal teas and this project was aimed to inform, engage, and connect with people to spread the word of herbal tea!


I decided to create an informational brochure that had an insert and business card included within it. I also created an interactive card that was an invitation to an herbal tea convention. These pieces represent the identity of Sunrise Herbal Teas and invite people to explore the brand.




Brochure Envelope

This informational brochure provides a variety of facts about herbal teas and the Sunrise Herbal Teas brand. Sunrise Herbal Teas appeals to experienced tea lovers as well as herbal tea newbies. The brochure includes an insert and a business card in the pocket inside the fold.

Sunrise Herbal Teas Business Card


Brochure Insert

insert mockup.png

Interactive Card


Card Envelope

This interactive card is an invitation to an herbal tea convention that offers activities, an herbal tea specialist speaker, and a tea making event. This purpose of this convention is to share a love for herbal tea, learn more about herbal tea, and spread the word of Sunrise Herbal Teas!

Sunrise Herbal Teas Website Walkthrough- Desktop

Sunrise Herbal Teas Website Walkthrough- Mobile

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