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CCSwimViz Logo Identity


A good friend of mine developed a web app that makes it easier to find all swim stats. He called me up to see if I could design a logo identity for his web app and I was excited to help out!


The goal was to have this logo identity represent both swimming and data/stats. In my mind, swimming makes me think of more organic shapes while data makes me think of geometric shapes. So it was a fun challenge to combine both organic and geometric shapes into a successful identity.


The goal was to create a logo identity that represented both swimming and data/stats. We wanted it to be easy to identify both parts of the web app-swimming and stats!


I played around with different  organic shapes that represented "swimming." Then I worked on the "data" aspect with bar chart shapes. I thought it would be fun to have the swimmer appear to be swimming in the data, so I used white space to create a wave form. I came up with a few variations before landing on the final design. Overall I am very pleased with how the logo identity turned out and how well it ties together swimming and data.


Final Logo Identity



It all started in the airport...
My friend, Nick, and I were waiting at the airport for our flight and he was telling me about the app he is building. He explained to me what the concept was and that he needed a logo and had been trying to figure one out, but couldn't come up with one he liked. I pulled out my phone and quickly doodled on Snapchat an idea I had. He loved it!
First doodle (on Snapchat)
logo sketch.JPG
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4: Final
The final version we landed on had a square base rather than the elongated bases the previous versions had. We loved how these color combinations worked together and flowed nicely with each other.
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